• MPs challenge government on trade and human rights

    27 NOVEMBER 2013

    Minister pledges answers on human rights situation and redress mechanisms as parliament debates trade agreement.

  • Peruvian democracy at a low ebb

    20 NOVEMBER 2013

    Poll finds little confidence in institutions as prime minister and police chiefs ousted by scandal and congressional human rights nominee forced out.

  • Briefing on EU Free Trade Agreement with Peru

    29 OCTOBER 2013

    This briefing for parliamentarians sets out the actions needed to ensure that the agreement's human rights, environmental and labour standards are effective. 

  • Media ownership and democracy in Peru

    27 OCTOBER 2013

    When does concentration of media ownership become a threat to press freedom and thus to democracy? Peru may be in the process of finding out the answer to this question.

  • Human rights and justice in Peru: event summary

    25 OCTOBER 2013

    What has a decade of post-conflict justice achieved? What is the current state and trajectory of human rights in Peru? The Peru Support Group's annual conference 2013 explored these questions.

  • Campaign update

    30 SEPTEMBER 2013

    Read an update on our campaigning for sustainable development and human rights - especially those of Peru's most marginalised communities.

  • Peru confirmed world's number one coca producer

    25 SEPTEMBER 2013

    New UN figures that show Peru produces more coca than Colombia have fuelled concerns about risks to human rights from increased drug-related violence, and political and judicial corruption.

  • Ten years of truth and reconciliation: an assessment

    23 AUGUST 2013

    On the tenth anniversary of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's final report, Natalia Sobrevilla Perea from the University of Kent explores the impact of its recommendations.

  • Events & outreach volunteer

    23 AUGUST 2013

    We're looking for a part-time volunteer to help organise our conference and other events, and build links with local groups, from September to November.

  • The end of the road for the Shining Path?

    15 AUGUST 2013

    Two top commanders have been killed, but have the conditions that allowed Sendero to gain a footing been addressed?

  • Historical Overview

    Over the past century Peru has suffered a series of autocratic governments and a civil war in which nearly 70,000 people died. Many of the country's ongoing political and social problems are a legacy of its somewhat turbulent past. 

  • Society and Conflict

    Peru’s indigenous and peasant communities continue to suffer political marginalisation and discrimination. Insufficient consultation with such groups over political and developmental decisions has fostered feelings of disenfranchisement and led to elevated levels of social conflict.

  • PSG MineWatch

    There are numerous social conflicts related to extractive concessions operated by British firms in Peru. This PSG database shows which firms and which projects have proved the most contentious this month.

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